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Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get. So does your website.

Taking care of your website

Now your website is up and running it needs love and care to keep humming along. WordPress & plugins get updated regularly for several reasons. Improved functionality, security updates,  bug fixes etc. The website needs to checked regularly if everything still works as it should be if  the site has no malware or other security problems. A website is dynamic so content changes so once in a while.

Below are some of the things we do to take care of your website. The website management and care is included as part of the hosting fees.

You focus on your business while we take care of your website. We will make sure that your website keeps running.

Tulp WordPress

WordPress Core Updates

WordPress gets updated on a regular basis, to add or improve functionality, fix bugs, patch security vulnerabilities, improve performance etc.

Most of the time these updates cause no problems, but in the odd case things might stop working due to incompatibilities or other reasons. So after the updates we will test your website.

Plugin and Theme Updates

Plugins and Themes also get updated on a regular basis for the same reasons as WordPress gets updated.

As with the WordPress updates most of the times there will be no problems.

But plugins and themes get tested less thorough then the WordPress core so there is a slightly higher change that something breaks. We will test your website after plugin and theme updates as well.

Extra Backups

Your website gets backed up every single day by our hosting partner. Although we never had any issues restoring those backups it is never a good idea to throw all your eggs in one basket.

That is why we do frequent backups not linked to our hosting partner. Just in case. After all your website is important to you and us.

Security & Uptime Monitoring

Unfortunately we don’t live in the perfect world and there are many hackers and people with less than good intentions out there. 

The great popularity of WordPress as a CMS unfortunately attracts the interest of hackers and other security threats.  So we perform regular checks of your websites to ensure that your site is clean and not blacklisted or marked as hacked by search engines.

A website which is down makes a bad impression and can loose you business. We monitor you website and will get notified when something is wrong. we will identify and address the issue to get your website on the road again.

Tulp Monitoring

Premium plugins and themes

Although there are many good free plugins and themes for WordPress there are times we choose to go with a premium paid plugin. We have invested a lot in premium plugins, most of which have yearly license fees. This guarantees continuing support, improvements, bug fixes, security patches and other updates. 

Some of the reasons why we use premium plugins and themes are, continues support, updates, more functionality etc. Their is less risk for a premium theme or plugin being abandoned by its author. This is important as plugins or themes which are not maintained anymore might pose a future security risk. We still use free plugins, but only after extensive research, by looking at the frequency of updates, the popularity etc.

We don’t use cracked or nulled premium plugins, as first of all it is not right thing to do and second who knows what back doors the hackers have built in.

We cover the costs of these fees in our monthly hosting fees, unless your website requires a specific plugin.

If this is the case we will discuss this with you upfront.

Keeping up to date with new technology and security risks

The WordPress world is moving fast and hackers constantly are searching for new exploits to hack  (WordPress) websites. So we have to stay alert and are constantly researching and reading up on new developments and security risks and how to mitigate them. This research takes time. But it is important to keep your website secure and up and running.Some of the things we do is researching themes and plugins, which we only obtain from reliable sources and of course read about WordPress security on sites like WordFence.

If you are up to it you can read a bit more about WordPress security on WordFence.

Content Updates

Your content on your website should be up to date and correct. Things change you might offer new products or services, prices change, address changes etc.

We include 20 minutes per month to do small changes and updates. (Unfortunately it does not roll over)

If we think the changes or add on’s will take us longer we will quote you before we go ahead.

Website Stats & Reports

We can provide you with monthly WordPress care report which includes stats of your website, performance, work done, security scans performed  and website traffic.

What does this cost ?

We knew you were going to ask this question. Yes all this will come at a price. Some of these services cost us time, others cost us money.

We would like to do all this for free, but then we won’t be able to run a sustainable business, give you good service and feed our families. We include this in our hosting plan which will make our hosting look expensive, but the added value is well worth the money.

We know as a small business you want to keep your costs down so we will try to offer this at the lowest cost possible.

Give your website the love it deserves

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