Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. (Warren Buffet)

Every project is different

We treat every project as a new and unique project. Projects can be small or large, so only after some consultation(s) will we be able to give a price indication.  Pricing is depending on several factors like size, requirements, complexity etc. Feel free to contact us for a free no obligation quote.


Our domain pricing starts from R100,00 and is depending on the extension chosen.


Depending on the requirements a starting price is from R3500,00


Our hosting starts from R350,00 per month which includes our WordPress care service

Giving back to the community

We realize not every organisation¬†(charities,ngo’s or even startups), have budgets for website design and hosting, that is why we so once in a while do a design project for free and sponsor the hosting and domain for at least a year.¬† We aim for a ratio of about 1 sponsored project per 15 paying projects. It is our way of giving back. Feel free to motivate a worthy cause, but the final decision is made by us. Want to sponsor a worthy cause/project your self, talk to us and we meet you in the middle.

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